Monday, January 24, 2005.




(Part 2, A Continuation Of FLAME 9)


     “Like not being able to see the forest for the trees”, a naive easily deceived sucker cannot see his Enemies at the tip of his own nose, for ‘the smiling faces of THE COMPETITION, staring back into his own face”.

     AN ADDITIONAL WORD OF CAUTION HERE, ONCE AGAIN, for those people who are thinking about using DOPE. You should take a close look at THE COMPETITION, ... because “The Crown Of Glory” (or in other words, ‘the marbles inside your own brain’) that is to say, “The Crown Of Glory which is sitting on your own head” right now, ... will be sitting “on your competition’s head”, after you use DOPE. (Be Wise. Smiling faces, bear no traces! Don’t Drop Your Guard! Who knows what evil, lurks in the hearts of men? Smiling to your face, and all the while they’re trying to take your place. It’s a wicked world. (I forget which song those lyrics come from!) Learn To Compete! Mr. Fix-It is Satan! Play up to him, stay clear of him, ditch him, and eventually, YAHWEH will burn him in Hell!)

     Now, leaving The Earth behind, and flying back into the Supernatural again!




Take # 2.
Just for interest sake, please bear in mind that FLAME 11 interrelates with FLAME 9.
And don't forget, to check-out, "YOU ARE, WHAT YOU REMEMBER", ... Explaining all about how the inside of Satan The Devil's Deadliest Most Powerful Weapon Functions, and about it's Design, situated STRAIGHT UP, AND THEN SHIFT TO THE RIGHT OF CENTRE. I seem to recall it's about 3 or 4, possibly 5 Articles down from the very top of this "ABOUT US PAGE".

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