Friday Midnight, January 14, 2005.

In the hierarchical arrangement of YAHWEH’s KINGDOM,

one of the chief reasons 1/3 of The Holy Angels fell,

was their discontentment with their Eternal Station in Life.

They wanted to be higher up,

in the Heavenly Hierarchy than JEHOVAH originally had stationed them,

and would not take “NO” for an answer.

While questioning their position of authority and exaltation in JEHOVAH’s Angel Pyramid,

“the Fallen Angels to be”, ...

never suspected that the Ones who did not ask themselves that question,

were actually Holier again still at least in many cases than they themselves were.

(For a true fact, they at least still loved YAHWEH,

which is more indeed than can be said for Satan The Devil.)


Number 1, they made the mistake of questioning JEHOVAH’s decision-making ability,

when he set Angel over Angel within the Hierarchical Angel Pyramid.

Had the Demon Angels been righteous and not wicked before they fell,

it would have occurred to them, that the Holy Angels placed Higher Up than themselves,

were either Holier and therefore less prone to fall from Angeldom to begin with, ...



Take # 1, of FLAME 7, composed at midnight on Friday, January 14nth, 2005.

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