Satan, in the beginning, an all-'round wonderful comical guy, ... a Perfect Holy Angel in every way, ... unfortunately hated all of the Holy Angels as well as Adam and Eve, as much as he hated JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, ... and so, ... Satan, finding their love towards GOD the most jealousy-inspiring thing after he himself had lost his own, ... decided to give his dearly beloved Holy Angel Brothers as well as The Human Creation a golden lesson they'd never forget, ... that golden lesson being, ...

"why it's important, to never  love your Holy Angel Brother more than you love your Father, when your Father's JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, while your intuition from the beginning tells you it's a mistake, ... and 'why it's a WICKED STEP IN THE DIRECTION OF EVIL, TOWARD THE TREE OF WICKEDNESS, to want to be popular and more beloved as so wonderful, in a Universe where everyone is more or less equal to yourself, but worships YAHWEH their Father and Creator, as the only One who's GOOD',

... while you yourself, may very well, be one of the lost Devils Of Hell, without caring enough to give Satan a try".

by Errol Lee Shepherd and DAWN



Take # 3.

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