!!!N.D.P. FOREVER!!!


In 1989, I brought this 100% perfectly completed Poetry Manuscript, into Toronto McLellan and Stuart Publishing Company.  I believed it was Priceless.  One month later, they rejected it sending it back to me, here in Guelph Ontario, like it was worthless garbage.  Over the following 2 years, from 1989 until 1991, I sent this Typewritten Text  Poetry Manuscript, complete with AUDIO RECORDING TAPES, ... to at least 50 more Top-Ranking Poetry Publishing Companies across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Internationally around The World.  Every Publishing Company I sent it to, did exactly the very same thing that McClellan and Stuart Publishing Company had done originally, they themselves also rejecting the manuscript, although some of them wished me "GOOD LUCK".  Personally, I always believed that "GWENDELLYN'S STAIRCASE", was worth 10 Billion U.S. Dollars.  Since I began writing in August 1985, I have not been paid 1 solitary penny.  The Poetry Manuscript is 100% Copyrighted, by The Canadian Government.


BRACE YOURSELF, FOR WHAT'S COMING NEXT!  You have reached "The Turning Point".  Get Your 'SoundRecorders' ready.  Stay Tuned-In Over The Next 48 Hours, For 10 Billion U.S. Dollars Of Streaming "GWENDELLYN'S STAIRCASE", ... by Errol Lee Shepherd and DAWN TEMPEST D



I had decided that I was not going to reveal "GWENDELLYN's STAIRCASE" before the eyes of the Human Race, because it's a little bit different from the type of Poetry and Prose which I have written since 1992 until this day. In order to avoid a Supernatural Spiritual Conflict, between the 2 types of Poetry, ... when I couldn't get a Publishing Company to Publish the Poem, and since I wasn't getting paid for something which I believed to be so remarkably valuable, I more or less accepted the fact that the wise course of action, was not to let The Human Race behold it at all. ...But then as time passed on by, I perceived that since The Artwork itself, is so incredibly valuable as it is, ... then what do I really have to lose if I do decide to allow The Human Race to examine it. ...And the thing is this aye, "If I don't allow The World to behold this Poetic Masterpiece now, at this point in time, ... then there is a very real possibility that the Human Race ma

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