Here, while a beautiful young lady, named 'Chartrisse', sings plucking her Mandolyn, ... putting her Poetry to music on the strings of her instrument, ... I go on to explain, the 3 greatest concerns of any Holy Angel who later goes on to stumble into Demondom.

The first concern, is shared by all Holy Angels, whether they fall from Angeldom or not.  The Lifelong dread, of becoming 1 of the 3 Rotten Angels while the other 2 in every 3, remain Holy and Honorable forever, ... but he himself is self-doomed to become a Rotten Star up his brother Satan's Anus, ... a mere rotten Magic Cork, up The Devil's Rotten Ass!

The second concern of such a self-condemned Angel, is shared only by Demons, ... Satan's 'Priority 1', that is how to successfully conquer JEHOVAH's Throne.

The 3rd concern of a self-condemned and self-tempted Angel, ... becomes ironically, that JEHOVAH remains forever GOD ALMIGHTY on The Throne Of Heaven, ... because even Satan's wickedest dreams, always revolved in secrecy, as did the wicked plans of his Demon Brothers, directly or else indirectly upon JEHOVAH always remaining upon Zion's Throne, ... but it took Hellfire, to make them understand that secret perfect clearly.

by Errol Lee and DAWN



When an Angel stops loving YAHWEH, he becomes the slave of SELF-TEMPTATION, ... and eventually he cannot turn back any longer from his erroneous course to his pristine Original Perfect Angel Condition in which he had existed before he stopped loving YAHWEH, ... because, shockingly enough, The Devil he always imagined he had been resisting up until that very point in time, is no longer outside of himself, but rather, ... he himself has unintentionally by delaying 'the straightening out of his own path', ... he has now 'accidentally' become The Devil.

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