Friday, December 24, 2004

(It’s A Full-Moon! I Forgot To Shoot “The Moon Tower”, Along The Riverbank’s Edge.)

(Originally Version: Friday, December 17, 2004.).

And Satan, ... Concluding, With A Fart

     “That’s All There Was, To Their Glory”,

Explained Satan, With His Right Hand Raised Toward The Sky,...

And In Conclusion, Satan, To JEHOVAH’s Very Face, Sitting On The Throne Of Heaven,...

Raising His Right Foot Toward The Sky

(Like A Ballerina, Pointing His Toe),...

Let A 3-Second Fart,

And Pausing For A Brief Moment, Repeated Once Again,...


3000 A.D.

(...And Just Before He Could Say, ...

“And Furthermore,

If You Let Me Come Back From Time To Time Every Thousand, Ten Thousand,

Hundred Thousand, Million, 10 Million Years, Whatever,



NINTHLY, Formally Completed AUDIO RECORDING, Take # 9.

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