"Hello, Hello, Hello Again!  It's me, Errol Lee Shepherd, with another priceless inside-line GOLDEN DAGGER through the heart-of-Satan-The-Devil "Godgiven Denunciation", ... against Satan The Devil.  Oh!  He made me so mad, it was really inconceivable, ... and suddenly, I saw something that had never actually at any time occurred to me before, "It looked like YAHWEH, had given Satan The Devil, Godgiven Authority to take the Sons Of Disobedience, that is, Demon Angels disguised as Holy Angels down into Hell, ... if he could trick them against JEHOVAH's Own GODLY Will who had tried severely to turn them away from their own destructive suicidal  course into following his own Dragon Bad Example, after JEHOVAH gave Satan Godgiven Authority to accomplish Priority 2, and if they in reality did not love JEHOVAH, ... Then as a consequence, ... to shove them up his Dragon Ass!Well, I really hate the Demon Army, ... and sometimes, sometimes they can be very very exasperating and infuriating, ... and at this point, I concluded that JEHOVAH had given Satan Godgiven Authority to shove them up his ass, as a personal favour to me, because I despise The Demon Army so very much indeed.Let me just say, that, the secret inside scoop about Satan The Devil's Personal Off-limits Military Strategy not only to Conquer YAHWEH'S THRONE, but as the ultimate Dragon-Betrayer of his own Demon Brothers, as well as every innocent creature in The Universe whose loyalty remains toward JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, ... is laid forth as simple and clear as 1-2-3 by Me on this Website  http://www.errolleeshepherd.net , , arch-



PRELIMINARY AUDIO RECORDING 1. This recording, is quite good, except I accidentally left out a hand full of words, 25 to be exact, ... but aside from that, ... you should fall in love with it!

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