Wednesday, December 15, 2004.


Firstly, I'm just explaining, how Satan is a Thief Of Happiness and Piece Of MInd.

Secondly, I explain how Satan inspired by uncontrollable Demon Jealous-Hatred, tries deperately to get a person to Sin, ... so that his victim  never gets blessed  by JEHOVAH again in this lifetime or in the next lifetime to come, ... and it doesn't make any difference really, who that Person is, ... be it any Soul at all in Heaven or any Soul at all down on The Earth.

...And then, thirdly, I go on to explain, how Satan uses JEHOVAH's own military GODLY POWER to get JEHOVAH HIMSELF to finish off the Souls he was always jealous of, but couldn't conquer in battle because they were an army amassed together against himself, 1 Jealous Demon, 75 Million Years Ago ... but he knew how to take JEHOVAH's OWN GODLY THRONE if JEHOVAH didn't smash their brains out and throw them all together down into The Everlasting Fires Of  Hell.

...And fourthly, he knew how to show JEHOVAH they were themselves just like he is, THE DEVIL, ... without them catching on, ... that he hated their slithering rotten gutts from the very Beginning of Creation.



Preliminary Recording 1.
...And then, sixthly, I finish off, by mentioning something which has absolutely Nothing to do with anything I've already been explaining all about, ... that is, "GIANT SPIDERS" crawling around Desert-Mountainous Geographical Regions Of Western Asia, ... I think it was Iran, although it may in fact be some other nearby similar country in close proximity thereto, ... and seventhly, how in reality, it was indeed Satan The Devil and not JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY who placed those 2-foot-in-diameter Gigantic Spiders into that Mountainous Desert Region, and it's important to understand clearly Satan did that, not YAHWEH. ...And eigthly, Satan can change physical matter in 1 microsecond any way he wants to change it, if JEHOVAH allows him to do so, and doesn't override Satan's Demon Will so as to prevent him from subverting His Own Godly Control Over Planet Earth, ... while maintaining 100% Perfect GODLY CONTROL OVER THE 3RD DIMENSION HIMSELF, FROM HEAVEN'S THRONE.

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