Friday, December 10nth, 2004.   BEFORE  CREATION

(“Building, From An Empty Void”)


     One of the most outstanding lessons, which JEHOVAH taught immediately, to all of the Holy Angels, ... as well as to all of the Holiest Humans, ... is “How, when building upon a VOID OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, ... before the START OF CREATION, ...the fundamental most basic building block, is the Spiritual Concept, of “INTEGRITY”, ...and “HONORABILITY, ... the indestructible time-proven incorruptible INTEGRITY, which combined with Divine Godgiven Virtue and many other priceless Holy things, such as Godgiven Divine Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Perfect Memory Recall inside of a Perfect Holy Angel Brain that works, ... inside of a Perfect Holy Angel Heart t



Formally Completed Recording 14.

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