"Candlelight And Wine"

Monday, December 13nth, 2004.


Firstly, I want you all to know, that I'm in love with China.  China has always been one of my favourite Nations.  "JOB" COMES FROM CHINA, "JOB" one of the 2 Holiest Men written about in The Old Testament Of The Bible, ... the OTHER HOLIEST MAN, BEING MOSES, GREATEST OF ALL OLD TESTAMENT HOLY PROPHETS.

The outstanding difference, between JOB and MOSES, ... primarily, is that JOB was completely alienated from Israel and in no way way associated with or acquainted with JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY's LAW and Israelite History, ... but all by himself, JOB miraculously worshipped and loved JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY more than anybody else on The Face Of The Earth.

On the other hand, MOSES, the greatest of all Old Testament Holy Prophets, ... was better acquainted with JEHOVAH AND JEHOVAH's LAWS AND JUDICIAL STATUTES, AND THE WILL OF GOD IN GENERAL, ... than was any other Holy Person whose name is mentioned in The Greek-Hebrew Scriptures Of The Holy Bible.

I'm also, bringing you the latest WARNING against Yuletide Festivity,  Noel Season, Christmas Holiday&nb



Preliminary Recording 1:
I thought I might prevent you from accidentally burning yourself to death at Christmas Time, never intending to do so, imagining it couldn't ever happen to yourself, just like most unforseen accidents around the house, wondering however it might have happened in spite of that. Simple! Don't ever try to save Pennies on cheap economical CANDLE WAX, or else you'll burn to death in the comfort and luxury of your own house or pleasurable summer cottage.
...And watch out for unignited GAS-STOVE JETS, which although they seem to hiss like a Tea-Kettle whenever you turn them on, so as to be sure to strain your eyes and don't just rely upon your Rabbit Ears searching for an IGNITION FLAME or else you're in for the A-Bomb surprise Household Gas-Explosion of your life. It almost happened to me once, but thanks to YAHWEH, "I'VE RETURNED FROM THE DEAD", ... this GAS-JET AFFAIR occuring once last year while DAWN was sleeping on the floor (WHY DOESN'T THE FIRE DEP

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