“The Victory Of Hannibal” Saturday, December 11, 2004.

                                                              “THE GREATEST WEAKNESS




     The greatest weakness of a Demon, is knowing that someone is Wicked, but that JEHOVAH will show mercy up to a point during that person’s Human lifetime, so as not to punish him severely before he dies, and then finally in the end, JEHOVAH will allow that person to escape “The Fires Of Hell”.

     Allow me to explain, if I may!

     In the beginning, Satan knew, 1/3 of the Holy Angels did not love JEHOVAH. Their lack of love for GOD, was caused by 2 things.

     Firstly, in many cases, the Angels who were later to be



Formally Completed AUDIO RECORDING 10. You'll Probably Fall Mindlessly In-Love, Head Over Heels With At Least 1 Of These Beauties, ... 7, 8, 9, &/or 10, ... But Which One, In Reality You Have A Passion For, ... Well, You Yourself I'm Afraid, Will Have To See To That!

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