This prose piece explains, that before The Start Of Creation, JEHOVAH was 100% alone and not even empty space, life, death, time, or anthing at all, existed.  Just JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY alone, as the Creator who brought everything perfectly into existence, was alive and existed.

Next, I go on to explain, that everything in the Universe is part of JEHOVAH's Creation, called "LIFE".

Then I explain, that to perceive The Universe, ... The SOUL is critically needed, and like JEHOVAH's KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS itself, is based upon The Philosophical Spiritual Foundation Building Block, being, firstly, ... "the meaning of INTEGRITY", ... and secondly, "the meaning of Eternal Integrity which is HONORABILITY".

Since all things in the Universe are part of LIFE, and Step 1 is to receive The Gift Of Life from JEHOVAH GOD Almighty, therefore ALL CREATION IS BUILT UPON THE SAME FOUNDATION BUILDING-BLOCK AS IS THE SOUL, ... THAT BUILDING BLOCK BEING INTEGRITY AND HONORABILITY.

...by Errol Lee and DAWN



Preliminary Recording 7.
...And furthermore, I don't know what it eats, and I dread to find out really, ... but I do know that if it comes in here, I'll kill it.
It's quite the "Escape Artist" really. It passed through the inside of a GLUE TRAP like it was a greased Mountain Tunnel.
It jumps over four Glue Traps, like I'm an idiot or something, and it's too smart for me.

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