"The Victory Of Hannibal, Over Cannae Along The Ofanto River, Italy, ... 200 B.C.E."      

Thursday, December 9nth, 2004.

I'm just showing, what in fact is "The Greatest Weakness, Of A Demon".

If a Demon knows, that another Angel or even a Human down on The Earth, does not love JEHOVAH, then he just has to get him punished by YAHWEH if it suits his own Demon Fancy to do so, in this first Human lifetime before that Human dies, ... but, if on top of that, the Demon in control perceives that the Human will never in fact get punished by JEHOVAH either during this lifetime or beyond Death, in the next lifetime to come, ... then the Demon rotten with insane Demon jealousy, will get him to sin any way within his Demon Magic  Ability, ... not only to get him punished by YAHWEH if Satan wants him punished now in this lifetime, ... but, also to get JEHOVAH to punish him forever, after Death in The Fires Of Hell.

YAHWEH on the other hand, was quite merciful indeed in many cases, ... and may very well have let the Human escape severe punishment for Sins, long enough to repent be



Preliminary Recording 4.
Satan is quite the mercilessly cruel Sadistic Tyrant, I'm afraid. I can assure you of that! Yes, I must confess, ... I've had a great deal of very bad experience with this sort of WICKEDNESS. Demons are just the Tyrant Devils of Hell, but their victim usually doesn't find out how wicked they really are, until Satan has his victim inescapably trapped in his SpiderWeb, where YAHWEH and YESHUA cannot save him, inside the Spiderweb strands of Spiritual Babylon. Then he'll find out about the unfathomable Satanic Sadistic Tyranny, of Satan The Devil.
If Satan ever lets on, that JEHOVAH is a Tyrant, ... always remember, Satan's the Dragon Tyrant Of The Universe, and he'll give you a long personal demonstration, hanging out of his Demon Asshole in Hellfire forever, once he gets you down there, ... if he ever gets his crushed Dragon Head together, and crawls off his Angel-Jousting Spear long enough to blow snot-bubbles out of his bleeding nose, after YES

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