I'm writing in denunciation of Saint Worship, showing that Jesus Christ is the Mediator and Saviour of the Human Race, ... and that all prayers to JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY should be through Jesus Christ as THE-GO-BETWEEN.  If a Christian wants his prayer heard and answered by YAHWEH, he has to know how to do it correctly.  If you push the wrong buttons, you strike out.  Do you want your prayers answered or not, by God?  Then always pray to JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, and ask Him to hear your prayer through Jesus Christ.  If you pray through an Apostle who you think is a Saint, ... Heaven and Earth will pass away, before JEHOVAH will hear and answer your prayer.  Do you want to get rewarded?  Do you want to get blessed?  Do you want to get your prayer answered?  Then, you must pray to JEHOVAH through JESUS CHRIST.  Saint Worship, won't ever get GOD to listen to your prayer, and if JEHOVAH doesn't hear your prayer, there's not a chance in the Universe, you'll get your prayer answered.  Worshipping Caesar of Rome, in disguise as ALMIGHTY GOD, doesn't get a GODGIVEN BLESSING.



Take Number 5.
Neither will praying to God through an Apostle, whom the person praying imagines to be a Saintly Go-Between, ... successfully knock down an Apostle from Angeldom getting him into trouble with JEHOVAH GOD Almighty, ... nor will it get a prayer answered in one's favour by God.
I'm just showing you, how to get your prayers answered by GOD, ... and it's got nothing to do, with worshipping Caesar Of Rome.

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