...............Sunday, November 7nth, 2004.
(O A.D., 2000 Years Ago, In 33 C.E.)
.....I'd like to just begin, by explaining that "JESUS CHRIST", like no other, is the man with courage and bravery, ... forsaken not merely by Apostle Peter, ... but by the entire Human Race, dying on Mount Calvary.  For at least 300 Years before this time, the 1 man, the entire World Of Satan worships, is that gutless coward, Demonpossessed "Caesar Of Rome", make-believe fighting man of the century, in armour with sword and shield. and laurel wreath upon his head, who never once proved himself in battle, on a battlefield.  I believe personally, he had a Cock in his mouth.  Roman Caesar's Yellow ITALIAN Spear, dripping with JESUS CHRIST'S BLOOD, ... with Satan's jealousy and power behind it, in the hands of ITALIAN Pontius Pilate's soldier, ... as far as ITALIAN Roman Caesar and his ITALIAN god Satan are concerned, goes through the liver of JEHOVAH GOD Almighty, sitting on Heaven's Throne, ... just as easily as Caesar's ITALIAN Roman Soldier slides Caesar's, ... that is to say, ... behind the blood-red waterbasin, (ITALIAN Pontius Pilate's) Roman Spearhead through JESUS CHRIST'S  liver, ... if Roman Caesar can knock JESUS CHRIST down, off that Throne At JEHOVAH's Right-Hand, where he's Angel-King and Leader over JEHOVAH's Angel-Army, 2000 years into the future, before "the prophesied Great War Of Armaggedon, (15 years after Errol Lee Shepherd's death, should I ever happen to die, Heaven forbid).  Caesar in Rome, is trying to make JESUS CHRIST blaspheme, so that JESUS CHRIST has no Godgiven


Take "1". I Got The Idea, Of Writing About This Theme, Trying To Decide As To Why "JUDAS ISCARIOT'S" NAME, Seemed Intuitively, To Myself At Least, ... Much More Sinister and Malicious Than The Names Of The Other 11 Holy Apostles. His Name "JUDAS ISCARIOT", May Not Have Been Italian, But If In Fact It Is Hebrew, ... It Certainly Doesn't Have A Very Heavenly Ring To It, Leastwise Not As Far As I'm Concerned.

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