"Setting Satan On Fire In Hell":  Monday, November 8th, 2004.  "TAKING SATAN'S THRONE"  (Satan's 1 Rotten Angel, He's No God)

Hello There! It's me again, Errol Lee Shepherd, with another anti-Satan Swordslash Of JEHOVAH across Satan's Throat, lopping-off Satan The Dragon's Head, by THE KILLING CONQUERING POWER OF JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY! 

It's The Killing Power Of JEHOVAH, I Bragged About Praising JEHOVAH In My Zillion Dollar PoetryBook I'm Selling At Blitzprint Right Now, Which I'm Using Here To Conquer SATAN THE DEVIL AND TO SET HIM ABLAZE IN THE FIRES OF HELL.

(So perhaps now you can better understand, why I said, that Satan and I don't get along very well, ... we're arch-enemies.)

(You can imagine why it's easy, for The Devil To Rip-Me-Off?)

Be sure to return to this website before the afternoon and evening are done, because I have to Type Up todays's Prose Piece and add on a 2 or 3 more recordings of it, and then immediately Type-Up  yesterday's "BLAZING SPEAR THROUGH SATAN'S HEART", where I destroyed JUDAS ISCARIOT AND THE ANCIENT KING OF ITALY, and then  make at least 3 more superior recordings of the "CHARACTER-PERSONALITY CASE STUDY OF JUDAS ISCARIOT".




Take "3". Please Remember, To Return And View The TYPEWRITTEN VERSIONS as well as additional AUDIO RECORDINGS, of yesterday's and todays Artworks before the evening is finished. I'm operating at top speed, but it will probably take me several hours. Don't give up!

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