Hello There!  Here's Just A Temporary Makeshift AUDIO RECORDING, ... Of My Latest Deadly Gem, ... Aimed Like A Blazing Spear Of Death And Hell, Through The Heart Of Ancient Caesar Of Rome, And His Slithering Slave "JUDAS ISCARIOT". 

Don't Be Surprised, If This Temporary Recording Leaves A Lttle Bit To Be Desired, ... But Please Stay Tuned Patiently, And I Shall Return, With Several More Superior AUDIO RECORDINGS Along With The Complete Typewritten Version, To Tantalize You, With My Extraordingary AntiWopp Hatred!

By The Way, What Your Listening To, Is Actually The Shared Opinion Of Every Holy HEBREW Star Of The Old Testament, From JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY and Abraham, Across History Until The Death Of King Solomon.  Let Me Just Say, What King David Does To Roman Caesar If He Catches Him In A Locked Room Alone, Isn't Fit To Describe In Words.  David And I, Think Almost Identically, When It Comes To This Stinking Wopper Stealing Ancient Hebrew Godgiven Glory.



... And Furthermore, If It Means Anything Now, ... Now, That The Cat Is Already Out Of The Bag, ... And You Already Have The Run Down About What This Story Is About, ... I'd Just Like To Say, In Addition To This, ... That What You're Listening To, Is "A PERSONALITY-CHARACTER STUDY, OF JUDAS ISCARIOT". ... And What's More, JUDAS ISCARIOT Is Chained To A Witch's Torture Stake Out Of His Mind With Misery Down In Hell, Ever Since His Body Plunged Screaming Down The Cliff 2000 Years Ago. ... And If It Means Anything To You, In Addition To This, For What It's Worth, Roman Caesar And Every One Of His Political-Military Brass Since 300 B.C.E., Are Impaled On Similar Witches' Torture Stakes In Hell, Right Beside JUDAS ISCARIOT Forever.
......Errol Lee Shepherd

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