...................Friday, Novemeber 5th, 2004.
(In Condemnation, Of Satan The Devil)
.....Hello, my name is Errol Lee Shepherd.  I believe I'm dethroning Satan The Devil, when I say this.
.....Any person, regardless of how Holy and brilliant he may be, ... is only as great and wonderful, as his own "ABILITY TO RECALL TRUE FACTUAL LONGTERM MEMORY" STORED-DATA, IN THE PROPER SEQUENTIAL SYSTEMATIC ORDER, from his own LongTerm Memory.
.....Even, the greatest and Holiest of JEHOVAH's Holy Angels, "JESUS CHRIST", ... High Priest of JEHOVAH GOD Almighty in Mount Zion forever, ... Even "MOSES", JEHOVAH's Holiest Prophet in The Old Testament, ... Even "AARON', JEHOVAH's High Priest of Ancient Israel, ... Samuel, Joshua, King Saul, David, Solomon and all of JEHOVAH's Holiest Old Testament Prophets, ... Even Apostle Paul, time-proven beaten-up STAR in "The Timex-Marlin TortureTest", ... who proved himself "by no means inferior to any of those Superfine Apostles of JESUS CHRIST, ... Even the 144000, "JESUS CHRIST's Bride" in Mount Zion, ...
.....EACH ONE OF THEM, IS NOTHING WITHOUT 100% LONG TERM MEMORY RECALL, of True Factual Stored Memory Data in Proper Systematic Sequence, ... when under High Stress and "Under Fire" Resisting Satan The Devil's Power Of Temptation.
.....Let me break it down for you, ... so that it is nice and e


Take "1"

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