................Thursday, November 4th, 2004.
After 75 Million Years Friendship With "Constance", The Devil's Name Before His Fall From Angeldom, ...
.....Satan's TEST, doesn't knock Angels down!  Good Heavens No!
.....The TEST, which JEHOVAH gave Satan authority to perform, ... did not cause Angels to fall from Angeldom, ...
.....just like a Pink-Blue Litmus Paper Test of an Acid-Base Solution:  "The Litmus Paper does not change the Solution into Acid or into Base.  The Litmus Paper merely indicates, whether the Solution already is Acid or Base at that instant in TIME".
.....Letting Satan perform the TEST, gave Satan authority, to get the Angels of their own free will, to reveal and expose themselves for being the way they already had been for 75 Million Years, ...
.....hateful enemies of JEHOVAH GOD almighty, not loving YAHWEH their Creator, (while they themselves had remained disguised as mere Babes In Arms).
.....All Satan did, was "sucker his brothers" into showing JEHOVAH, they had not loved Him during those 75 Million Years.   That's why JEHOVAH allowed Satan, to perform the TEST.
.....JEHOVAH never, would have granted Satan The Devil, Godgiven authority, ... to stumble and knock a Holy Angel down, ... just to see if he could successfully pull i


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