"  Lying, On The Grass Of Mount Zion "

This is a True Story, of how the Fall Of Satan began, as he was lying on The Grassy Slopes Of Mount Zion, ... looking for some imperfection in JEHOVAH's Creation Of The Universe, ... and how, if should such an imperfection actually exist, how he, Satan, might somehow exploit that supposed error on JEHOVAH's part, to his own complete Demon Advantage, ... thereby placing himself onto JEHOVAH's Godly Throne forever.

The only thing approaching an "error in creation of the universe", that Satan meditating to himself came up with, ... is that " if he personally did not himself love JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, ... then he himself (as he believed) was in no way inferior to the rest of JEHOVAH's Holy Angels, ... and therefore they were all rotten shit just like himself, ... and if in fact that be true, as Satan The Devil believed it may very well indeed be true, ... then that possibility of JEHOVAH's Angels and other Creatures in Heaven and on the Earth not loving Him, ... could be the break that Satan was searching for, to steal The Throne Of Heaven forever, away from JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY ". 

This True Story, shows how without Satan's Demons knowing what he was about to accomplish, once they helped to place him in 1904 onto JEHOVAH's Throne forever, ... if they ever in Eternity remembered their own asshole, or any information which might give any of them the means to remove him from HEAVEN'S THRONE, (including how to fight), .



Hi There!
It's me, Errol Lee, showing you Satan's Secret Plan "to hold the monopoly on TRUTH OF ANY KIND forever", ... if he ever sits 1 second on JEHOVAH's Throne Of Mount Zion.
The Demons will spend eternity, trying to remember, exactly what they thought they always knew quite well for the past 75 Million Years of their own Angel Life, ... and believed they could never forget. ... And furthermore, no Demon of Satan's Army ever imagined that their ability to recall the TRUTH which they once knew as HOLY ANGELS and which they went on knowing as DEMON ANGELS, ... was actually in any form of jeopardy.
... And they did not actually expect Satan to shaft them that way either. Talk about a rotten friend, Boy Oh Boy, aye Satan The Devil?
It was Satan's surprise!!! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! Satan, wanted it to be a REAL SURPRISE!
Just wait until the Demons of Hell, find out what a real Devil, Satan really is! What a shock it will come to them, aye Sat

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