This Is The 100% TRUE Story, Of How Satan The Devil Tried To Get Back At His Arch-Enemy Errol Lee Shepherd And JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, ... Who Satan Has Hated For At Least 32 Years, Since The Day I Joined JEHOVAH'S ARMY At The Age Of 18 Or 19, ... And When He Couldn't Take My Soul BACK THEN BY WITCHCRAFT AND SORCERY, ... He Resolved To Rip-Me-Off Any And Every Way Within His Ability To Do So Until The Day I Die, And If Possible, By Even Dragging Me Down To GEHENNA, Before JEHOVAH Makes Me Into A ZION Cherub, For Helping JEHOVAH  Destroy SATAN THE DEVIL AND HIS DEMON ARMY!

It's Been 1 Wicked Hell Of A Supernatural Battle At Times, But SATAN LOSES IN THE END!!!

Until Then Unfortunately, He Knows I'm Blessed By JEHOVAH, And Although SATAN Has Tried Desperately To Stop Me Every Step Of The Way Until Now For Over 32 Years, ... Now When I Am Successful And JEHOVAH Has Blessed Me With A ZILLION DOLLAR POETRYBOOK Which SATAN Tried Desperately To Prevent Coming Into Existence, ... "THERE'S SATAN TO STEAL EVERY PENNY OF THE INCOME,  GODGIVEN GLORY, FAME AND FORTUNE FOR IT, ... ANY WAY HE CAN KEEP-ON RIPPING-OFF HIS OLD ARCH-ENEMY ERROL LEE SHEPHERD!!!

Sincerely, ... Errol Lee Shepherd



Let Me Just Say I'm 100% N.D.P.!
My Father Once Said To Me, "If You're A Poor Man, You Won't Get 1 Penny In Your Life, Unless You Vote NDP!"
I Don't Know Exactly Who My Enemy Is, But I Do Know Whoever He Is, He's Rich As Hell Stealing 100 Billion Canadian Dollars From Me, ... And He Can Get Away With It While The Whole World Watches, ... And There's Not A Blasted Thing I Can Do About It, Except Wait Patiently For JEHOVAH To Destroy Him Off The Face Of The Earth.

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