I Truly Don't Have The Foggiest Notion Really, As To What Exactly This Creature Is.  I've Had Bad Experience With Demons, Wicked Spirits And Ghosts.  It's No Game!  It's Very Serious Business.  Satan's No Joke!

They're Devilishly Real I Hate To Confess, But What Can You Do Aye?  I Thought, "What's This?  Did Somebody Once Long Ago, Get Murdered And Burned In A Bonfire In The Middle Of A Farmer's Field 200 Years Ago Or What?

What's Satan Trying To Say To Me, In This Strange Mysterious Remote Setting?"

I Don't Think That There's Necessarily A Connection Or Anything, ... But A Few Nights Later I Saw Along The Roadside In The Middle Of Nowhere, 1/2 An Hour Past Sunset, 2 Summer Lawnchairs Completely Abandoned Beside The Asphalt By A Wooden Table Where Someone Seemed To Have Been Selling Firewood.  The Table Was Loaded To The Hilt, But There Wasn't A Soul In Sight In The Middle Of The Night Darkness, Along The Shoulder Of The Road.

I Was Shocked To Have Discovered A 20 Foot Bonfire, With A Blazing Wooden Picnic Table Smack-Dabb In The Middle Of The Soaring Flames.  Sparks Were Flying Everywhere, Which Seemed A Little Dangerous To Me, ... But The Real Mystery Was, ... What Is The Picnic T



Here's A Labour Day Thriller, With A Follow-Up Mystery, Which To Date Poses No Solution Of Any Kind!!! And Beyond The Burning Picnic Table Amid A 20 Foot Blazing Bonfire, And A Screaming Violent Possum Or Something In The Middle Of A Semi-Swampland Marsh, There's Even A Tyrannosaur LizardMan Above The Horizon On The Run Down A Country Trail Or Something.

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