""WORLD OF EVIL"      Here Is Something Which Came To Me, As I Was Walking Along The Highway, Photographing The Countryside, ... Praying For A Dead Racoon And A Couple Of Squirrels, Whose Dead Bodies Lay Along The Gravel Shoulder Of The Road, On The Way To Guelph Lake Park.       SSincerely,    Errol Lee Shepherd



October 3rd, 2004.
Here Is A Little Speech, That Was Never Recorded In The Bible Itself, Made By JESUS CHRIST To The Apostles In Secresy When They Were Sailing On The Sea Of Galilee. It Was In Private Discussion, That JESUS CHRIST Spoke These Words To The Apostles, But Nobody Ever Found Out Before JEHOVAH Showed Me, ... So I Immediately, Seized The Opportuntity And Placed It Onto My Website, For The Whole World To See.

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