"HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND RECORD MILLIONS, ONTO YOUR COMPUTER"       You Lucky Lucky Ducky!       Aren't you The Lucky Ones Indeed, To Be Amongst The First To Download Everything You See, One Way Or Another, From This Website Onto Your Own Computer!       You'll Love It, Take My Word For It.       And If Perchance On Your First Attempt, It Doesn't Seem To Download, ... Don't Give Up Because It's Easier Than You Think.       It's Probably A Minor Improvement At My End Which Was Only Needed, Or Perhaps I Didn't Finish Installing My Miraculous Downloadable Marvels On This Website, As Of Yet.       I'm Racing Against Time, You May Well Imagine, To Make Everything Do What I Want It To Around Here, ... And It's Only A Matter Of Time, Before Everything DOWNLOADS OR E-MAILS PERFECTLY Onto Your Machines!       Wonderful, Isn't It?   



Here Are Some GOLDEN INSTRUCTIONS, To Help You Enjoy Operating The RainbowStar SUNKITE. If It Doesn't Seem To Work Perfectly, ... Maybe I Haven't Hooked-It-Up Yet! What A Gas, Aye Beloved? I'm So Clever! It's Just A Matter Of Time. Just Leave It To Me, ... Old Errol Lee, ... And I'll Wrestle This Old Bull To The Ground, ... It Just Takes A Bit Of Time And Effort, To Get Everything Working Properly Around Here??? Now Let Me See??? I'm Such A Funny Man!!! Well, "FULL STEAM AHEAD ARTLOVERS", And Enjoy The Poetry! ... And Don't Forget To Take A Peeky-Weeky At The Pictures Scattered Around The Website Pages. They're Primarily From The Local Area Within And Surrounding The City Of Guelph, Ontario.

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