It's Alive!  Come Back And Watch It Change!       The Demon Actually Wanted To Be Photographed, Exactly Why, I'll Never Know, ... Which Seems Quite Strange Indeed, Because Usually Demons Are Very Particular About Who Photographs Them, And They Can Become Quite Destructive When Anyone Tries To Take Their Picture.       ...But The Thing Is This!  ...  I Never Expected To Discover This Chappy, Staring Back At Me At 2:00 A.M., ... But As Long As He Doesn't Mind Me Showing His Picture To The World, ... Ask Me If I Care!   Huh Huh Huh!       Never, Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, ... Huh Huh Huh!      

       Now Don't Forget To Check In On The Live Demon, To See If He's Alive!      



Here's An Unexpected Surprise, To Be Sure, After Shooting The Peaceful Country Sunset, After An Hour's Walk Through The Moonlit Serenity Of The Night.

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