"  THE WOODEN CANOE  "    This Poem, Is Directly Associated With The Prose Piece, ...               "  The Haunting Tale Of Gilbert Booth  "       by ERROL LEE SHEPHERD (Michael Gregory Booth).                   This is the TRUE STORY, of Ontario Prospector Gilbert Booth, who back in the 1940's discovered the ORIGINAL URANIUM MOUNTAIN, which became the cornerstone of Elliot Lake, but who before he could blaze, stake and register his Uranium Claim in The Ontario Claims Office, he became overwhelmed with severe Angina Pains bringing on an almost immediate heart-attack, ...before which betrayed by an old age ENEMY TRACKER who didn't care less about money and who didn't get paid any either named "Aimie Bretonne", ...he suffered the loss of $25000000 Prospector's Fee and all the fame and glory of having been the only Man who made the Uranium Discovery, ...and whose name "GILBERT BOOTH" stayed out of it permanently until today and was never heard of, remembered, identified, recognized as the 1 Solitary Prospector who made the Uranium Discovery back in 1945.  The villain was "AIMIE BRETONNE" who did it not for money, but to



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" THE WOODEN CANOE ", associated with ' THE HAUNTING TALE OF GILBERT BOOTH ', by Errol Lee Shepherd (Michael Gregory Booth)

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