"  BEYOND BIBLE ARCHIVES  "      By Errol Lee Shepherd , ...     Now This Most Recent Poem, Stresses The Importance Of Integrity And Honorability, Of The One Recording Earthly History, ...Whether It Be Bible History Pertaining To Israel Contained Within The Bible Itself, ...Or Whether It Be Worldly History Beyond Ancient Israel's National Borders Where Satan More Or Less Ruled As GOD In What Biblically Is Called The Land Of Spiritual Greece, Spiritual Egypt, Spiritual Sodom, Phillistia, The Land Of Canaan, Spiritual Babylon, Persia!       ...But The Point To Remember, Is That All Human Sanity Is Based Upon Truthfully Recorded Historical Archived Factual Data, And If The One At The Top In Control Doesn't Have The Highest Christian Moral Integrity And Honorability, He Can Change Any Historical Data Anywhere Any Way He Wants It, And Nobody Will Ever Know The Difference A Century Later!



*****Version 3*****
*+*+*SUPER DUPER*+*+*

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