"THE LOBSTER FISHERMAN"  By Errol Lee Shepherd  Designed To Promote NDP Votes In The Upcoming Federal Election 

I'M BACK, WITH ANOTHER 100% ERROL LEE SHEPHERD AUDIO POETRY PRODUCTION,... To Help Jack Layton And Phil Allt Win In The Upcoming Election.
                          Saturday, June 5th, 2004.
Hello There!
     Well, it's me Errol Lee Shepherd again, and I'm back with another newly written Poem sure to inspire NDP Voters' Support for the NDP Federal Election.  It's complete with AUDIO PRESENTATION, accompanying the TYPEWRITTEN VERSION.  These things really are quite valuable, but of course naturally they're FREE to help Jack win the Federal Election, and in the local area to help Phil Allt win the Election. 
     This little Poem, is all about Atlantic Coastline "Lobster Fishermen", and it explains how The Lobster was created for Fisherman to trap, sell and eat, as a means of livelihood and economic survival for Adam from the very beginning.  I explain how God Almighty in Eden, created everything perfectly with Adam as a vegetarian, but how after he fell Adam was addicted to carnivorous consumption of ANIMAL, BIRD, AND FISH


*****Version 2*****

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