"The Haunting Tale Of Gilbert Booth,..Lost And Forgotten InTime".  The Mountain's Come And Gone.  3 Generations Have Passed Away.  Time Conquers All!  1 Forgotten Fact Can Change Destiny.  Perhaps Now, It's Forgotten Forever!  The Uranium's Gone From The Mountain Now.  The "Memory Of Gilbert" Died, Before The Rocksamples Left The Mountain!  Lost Dreams, Like Fallen Leaves, Blanket A Hollow Mountain,... Autumn Leaves on A Prospector's Grave 
         Saturday, May 22, 2004.
Hello There!
     My name is Errol Lee Shepherd.  Originally prior to 1987, my name was Michael Gregory Booth.  You do not know who I am.  Neither does anybody else, but that's not important.  So much time has come and gone, history seems to have passed by.  That's why I decided to say hello, and show you where it all began, a way back in 1945.
     My Grandfather was Gilbert Booth.  I don't expect that name to ring any bells.  He died back in 1955, when I was 2 years of age.  Gilbert was a prospector, during the 1930's and



The Big Mines have shut down years ago, but
his Son Cornelius says, "Gilbert's Ghost still roams the Hills, and the lonely sound of a prospector's hammer can be heard tapping on the Mountain, clinking from a way back where it all began".
The Uranium's gone from the Mountain now,...but who'll remember GILBERT BOOTH?

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