Wind In The Towers

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Wind In The Towers' Rainbow Star
           "HORSE 9"
Hi there!
     I'm "HORSE 9". My name's Michael Gregory Booth. I'm rolling over and playing dead right now.  In 1987, I changed my name to Errol Lee Shepherd, when I started writing Poetry. Originally, in the beginning, I wrote a 244 Page Classical Diamond Studded Serial Poem, one long bejewelled Rainbow Baby named "Gwendellyn's Staircase",...but I strongly discourage anyone from reading it, if they ever get a chance,...if they can help it, if somehow it ever makes it to the market.  It's nothing at all really, in comparison to my most recent 844 Page Golden Classical Poetry Book entitled, "The Poetry And Philosophical Writings Of Errol Lee Shepherd:  Flight Of The Butterfly".  The 2 Books share little in common, but the Devil resisted me so diabollically with Book 1 in the 1980's,  that Demonic Domination as much as ruined "Gwendellyn's Staircase", which in my imagination had started out so sweet,...such a Beautiful Divine Heavenly Artwork,...PRETTY!
     I drastically improved my writing style and subject matter, making my work much more Divine, an attempt to please JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY Himself, whenever I write poetry and prose, always expecting my literary works to undergo the exacting scrutiny of JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY Himself.



Life Biography of Errol Lee Shepherd, formerly Michael Gregory Booth. Please check out my Website and give it a listen.

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