"Let AUDIO Into Your Life!"

Hello There!

My name is Errol Lee Shepherd.
     I'd just like to tell you something, about the most amazing discovery I've made recently, which I'm sure you'll be very interested in.  It's called AUDIOGENERATOR.
     I don't know if you yourself are already in the habit of sending talking E-mails, or if you have AUDIO hooked-up to your WebSite, but if you haven't, then you really should give AUDIOGENERATOR a try.  You just would not believe, what a fantastic little device this Machine really is.  It's stupendous.  If you give a try, I assure you that you'll love it.
     First of all, if you do a lot of E-mailing, listen to this.  Why not put them onto AUDIO, or even make them into Bright and Colourful AUDIO POSTCARDS.  You can record for at least 10 minutes on an AUDIO POSTCARD, although I'm sure that I've recorded substantially longer  than that many times. 
     At AUDIOGENERATOR, you can send countless E-mails in Audio Form, or else use an AUDIO POSTCARD, or else make an AUDIO POSTCARD and then record the LINK into a Conventional E-mail at the start of the E-mail,...so that the person you're writing to, can enjoy hearing your voice live in person.  It makes such a great difference, when it comes to your listener understanding your E-mail perfectly, being able to hear your voice clearly, just like your talking live over the Telephone.  You'll enjoy it, and they'll love it to be sure.
     You can send unlimited AUDIO E-mails and unlimited AUDIO POSTCARDS monthly, whether you're using AUDIOGENERATOR for private and personal use, for FAMILY USE, or for Commercial Business Applications.  All members of your Family can use it.  The number of AUDIO



This May Be The Most Important Message, That Will Change Your Life Forever! Don't you feel, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF NOW, To Give It A Listen?

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